The Java Pairing Based Cryptography Library (jPBC) is: jPBC consists of the following three core modules:
  • jpbc-api : the Application Program Interfaces (API).
  • jpbc-plaf : the port implementation of the API.
  • jpbc-pbc : the wrapper implementation of the API.
and the following support modules:
  • jpbc-crypto : the implementation of some pairing based crypto-systems. Have a look here to start.
  • jpbc-benchmark : the suite used to benchmark jPBC.
  • jpbc-android : an Android App to benchmark jPBC on any Android 2.1+ terminal.

Who Uses jPBC?

If your project uses the jPBC library and you don’t mind it appearing here please contact me.

Lattice-Based Cryptography

If you are interested in post-quantum cryptography then have a look here: jLBC - Java Lattice-Based Cryptography.