AGATE - Salerno Research Group
Game Theory and Micro Economics

Our group is working on algorithmic aspects of game theory and micro economics. In particular, we study computational aspects arising in the context of so called selfish agents. Selfish agents are used to model those situation in which the entities involved in the computation cannot be assumed to act altruistically and to cooperate with the "system". They rather follow their personal interests, which may result in a loss of performance.

Our research focuses on the design of  efficient algorithmic solutions for problems involving selfish agents that arise in practical applications (the Internet being the major source). One of the main goals is to investigate the interplay of limited computational resources and the presence of selfishly acting entities, and the loss of performance due to the combination of these two aspects. This brings together the two well-established research areas of theory of computing  and micro economics, and poses new questions whose answer requires (new) sophisticated mathematical tools.

People involved: Pasquale Ambrosio, Vincenzo Auletta, Roberto De Prisco, Alessandro Ferrante, Mimmo Parente, Paolo Penna, Pino Persiano, Carmine Ventre.

For more information regarding our work on these topics see:

- A power point presentation of our research within the European project CRESCCO (also containing some information about the main objective, state of the art, and preliminary results obtained by our group) [year 2002, year 2003, year 2004 ].

- A tutorial on scheduling with selfish machines presented at FUN 04

- A  course on Algorithms for Selfish Agents  held at the University of Salerno (a graduate class)

- A Workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory (1st AGATE)

- Some of the most recent papers from our group: